Full English (sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, smoky beans, garlic mushrooms, spinach, peppers & sourdough toast) £10

Breakfast burrito (sausages, cheese, hash browns, tomatoes, smoky beans, garlic mushrooms, spinach & peppers in a tortilla wrap) £7.50

Sausage panini with cheese, garlic mushrooms & onion – spicy or non-spicy! £6

Granola with fruit, yoghurt & maple syrup £5

Sourdough toast with cheese, jam, marmalade, Marmite, peanut butter or banana & maple syrup £4


Garlic mushroom & cheese panini & salad £7

Steak, cheese, onion & peppers panini & salad £7

Cream cheese, pesto, tomato & spinach panini & salad £7

Sweet potato falafel, houmous & pomegranate dressing sourdough sandwich & salad £7

Toastie with any permutation of cheese, onion, pickle, tomato & smoky beans on sourdough bread £5


Soup of the day with sourdough bread £6

Curry bowl with rice, naan & salad £8

Meze savoury snack platter (including bread, cheese, pâté, sundried tomatoes & olives) £8 or £14 to share